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What High Quality Garage Rollers Do

Garage Door Roller

Garage door rollers are an essential part of any garage door. It’s easy to pick the right kind and it’s easy to pick the wrong kind. We’re here today to help you one, not pick the wrong kind, and two, explain why the right kind is better. And of course if you’re in need of immediate assistance you can feel free to give us a call.

What Rollers Should You Buy For Your Garage?

Okay, in case you’re in a hurry, teflon coated 10 ball bearing rollers are the best in the business. It’s what we here at GSM use, and they have never steered us wrong. If you’d like some more information as to why they’re so great, read on!

Teflon Coated Rollers

The first thing you want to get right in choosing the right kind of roller is which type of material the roller is made of. Teflon is the industry best for rollers. They provide the least amount of friction, noise, and last the longest.

If you are not familiar with teflon just think of roller blades. Most roller blade wheels are made using teflon materials. Teflon is sturdy enough to last quite a while, even with intense outdoor usage. Yet it’s still smooth enough so that people who roller blade can have control when they skate.

The rollers in your garage are skating up and down your door’s tracks every single day. Not only would it be annoying if they were noisy, but it would be infuriating if they broke all the time. Teflon is definitely the way to go.

Quality Rollers Reduce Friction

Friction is a huge factor when it comes to making your door last longer. Why? Because your garage is likely the heaviest piece of machinery in your home. So any time you can reduce friction, you should.

Remember earlier when we said teflon materials provided a smooth experience for rollerbladers? Same thing with garage doors.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the rollers are part of the overall movement of your door. This just means that it helps both your spring and your opener if your rollers are high quality. So, you’re increasing the useful life of two major parts of your door just by picking the right kind of roller.

Should You Buy And Install Rollers Yourself?

It really just depends on how pressed you are for time. Garage door roller replacement isn’t super tricky, but there are a lot of advantages having a pro do it.

For one thing, 9 times out of 10 a pro will be able to do it the same day you call. Pros also stay up to date with which roller is best, so if something comes out better than the teflon coated 10 ball bearing roller, you’re covered.

The last, and most important advantage, is a pro will also check up on all the other parts of your door and make sure you don’t have any other problems. Nothing’s more frustrating than fixing one part of your door, only to realize another part was also on the verge of breaking.

That’s It!

Rollers are a pretty simple beast, but we figured we’d share anyway. If you have any questions about anything in this article feel free to leave a comment below! Need more immediate help? Just give us a call and we can have somebody out to help in 24 hours or less (in some cases within an hour or two).

And of course, always remember, if you’re in need of a garage door repair or maintenance check, feel free to visit Grapevine Garage Door Repair or give us a call at (817) 398-0022