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Weather Damage Prevention


Garage doors can be subject to damage from many weather elements. Both the heat and cold as well as wet or dry weather can do damage to your garage door. For example, while colder weather can put garage door springs at risk of snapping, garage door sensors can be damaged in hot weather. Below, we’ve laid out a couple of ways you can defend your garage against severe weather.

1. Install Weatherstrips

One simple and inexpensive fix is to install weather strips. Though, these will need to be replaced every few years, weatherstripping your garage will help prevent any unwanted ice or water getting into your garage. In colder weather environments weather strips can be the difference between your garage door freezing shut or you being able to get to work on time.

2. Garage Door Insulation

Insulating your garage may be a bit more of a project, but doing so will result in multiple benefits for your garage and your home. Not only will insulation prevent unnecessary stress from major temperature fluctuations, but it will help reduce your energy bill month-to-month.