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Is Your Garage Door Balanced?


Whether or not your garage door is balanced can make a big difference on the performance and lifespan of your door. It’s pretty easy to check but not everyone knows how. We’ll explain how to check and what to do if you find you’re out of balance. Have fun!

First, Clear The Area

Safety first, right? For the types of tests you’ll be doing today, you want to make sure nothing is going to be coming or going underneath your door. That means no equipment or people need to be under, or passing under the door while you are running this test. Pretty basic, but needed to be said for safety purposes.

Disconnect Your Opener

The first step is to unplug your opener so it is no longer connected to your garage door. This will make more sense in a second.

The Door Should Be Easy To Lift

Next, check is to see if you can lift your garage door up easily with one hand. If you can’t, then something is probably off. Sometimes if it’s just a little harder than it should be, applying some White Lithium Grease can be helpful. Spray the springs, tracks, and rollers. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it is highly recommended to call a professional. Your garage is a big piece of machinery and can be very dangerous.

Lift Your Door About 2 Feet Off The Ground

Your door should still be disconnected from your opener. After you lift your door a couple feet off the ground, let go. If your door is balanced, it should just stay there. If not, the springs will pull your door up if they have too much tension. If they don’t have enough tension, your door will fall to the ground. See why we wanted you to clear the area?

If your door goes up or falls down, it is highly recommended to call a professional. Too much tension in your springs means it’s going to break in half soon, and you don’t want anything important to be underneath it when that happens. If the spring is too loose, then it might not be able to lift the door at some point.

Don’t Stress!

We can get you repaired the same day you call us! Making sure the door is balanced properly is something we do before leaving any home. And we’ve been to over 13,000 homes! We have the experts that will do a job you can trust.

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Don’t Forget To Reconnect Your Opener!

If you ran all these tests and passed, congratulations! But don’t forget to reconnect your opener, otherwise your garage door won’t open and it won’t even be broken!

And of course, always remember, if you’re in need of a garage door repair or maintenance check, feel free to visit Grapevine Garage Door Repair or give us a call at (817) 398-0022