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Healthy Garage Doors and Home Security

Stuck Garage Door

Your garage door is one of the biggest entry ways into your home. So, having healthy garage doors has a pretty direct benefit on home security. In today's post we will identify some steps you can take in order to keep a healthy garage door. We will also cover how to actually increase the security value of your garage door.

Routine Checks

Doing routine checks or maintenance is the easiest way to keep a healthy garage door and maintain your home's security. There a few things you can check on a regular basis to make sure your garage is in working order. First of all, always make sure the bottom of your garage door is even and parallel to the ground at all times. An uneven garage door results in your spring having to work harder than it needs to, and shortens the useful life of your door. Check the rollers on each side and make sure they are all on track. A garage with rollers off-track also has to work harder and it makes more noise. Windows, if your garage has them, are also important to do checks on. Weather can sometimes loosen windows, making it that much easier for someone to break in undetected.


For some people this may sound odd. Of course you hear it whenever your garage door opens. You hear it every day. But hearing and listening are not the same thing. Because you hear it every day, unless your are listening for it, differences in sound can be hard to detect. Often times when something is starting to go wrong with your garage door it will make a little more or odd sounds, such as louder screeching or whining. There are plenty of cases when the garage door spring simply breaks. Springs have a useful life, and there isn't really any getting around that. But, if you listen for things that could be going wrong then you have a chance to at least prolong the life of your door.

Lock It Up

If you are like most people you probably don't spend a whole lot of brain power on your garage door. You probably were just fine with how it came when you bought your home. But there are actually locks for your garage door you can buy that prevent anyone from opening your door at all. These are particularly handy for when you go out of town, or if you are the kind of person who likes everything locked up tight when you are home for the night.

Call A Specialist

Remember, if something is going wrong with your garage door the fastest way to fix it is to call a professional. It will save you a ton of time and a professional repair will give you peace of mind. Plus our techs have been doing this for a long time, and can answer any questions you might have about keeping your home safe. We hope this post helps you to keep a healthy garage door and great home security. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to visit Grapevine Garage Door Repair or give us a call at (817) 398-0022!