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3 Funny Things Kids Do When They Hear The Garage Door Open

Kid Looking Nervous

After you’ve had kids for a while, eventually you start trusting them to be home alone. That can result in some pretty funny stuff. Heck, they wrote a whole series of hit movies (Home Alone) about it.Being a garage door company we got to thinking about when we were kids and we heard the garage door opening right when we were doing something stupid. Hopefully this helps brighten your day a bit, we had a ton of fun writing it.


Scared Spongebob

The above picture of beloved character Spongebob Squarepants perfectly depicts what kids look like when they didn’t do their chores and they hear the garage door opening. Most parents give their kids a list: clean your room, vacuum the floor, do the dishes, clean your clothes, maybe do a little dusting, or whatever. Of course as a kid you think, “Eh, I’ll just finish up playing this game real quick and get started on that later”. Then you hear the garage door opening and look up to find hours have gone by and you’ve done nothing. Woops. Time to load the dishwasher and claim to have no idea why it’s not done yet, hang up dirty clothes, and pray to God you can vacuum in under 60 seconds.

The look of panic on our kids’ face probably makes us made most of the time considering we know it means they didn’t do any of the chores they were supposed to. But in hindsight it’s actually pretty funny.


Kid Doing Homework

We’ve all said and heard this before, “Okay son/daughter, I’m going to run a couple of errands. Have your homework done by the time I get back.” And I know that 99% of the time we all had our homework done just like they asked us to… But sometimes it doesn’t always work out exactly like that. Most of the time when we don’t get it done it is because of the wonderful gift to the world that is television. You hear the garage open, dad walks in, you turn the TV off and immediately grab a book, periodical, or any piece of literature to make it look like you were studying. Dad says, “Son you working on your homework?” You say, “Oh yeah, I’m just readin’ this here Yellow Pages”...

Yup, gotta love that Yellow Pages course we all had in school right? That actually happened to somebody here at the office, and we thought you guys would get a kick out of it.

Stop Playing With The Parents Stuff

You're Killing Me Smalls

Most of our parents had something we thought was awesome, but that we were NOT allowed to touch. Ever. We’ve all seen The Sandlot. They need a ball, Smalls thinks of the signed Babe Ruth ball in his step Dad’s office and thinks, “Eh, what’s the worst that could happen”. A series of elaborate and hilarious attempts to get a baseball back from an oversized dog owned by James Earl Jones, that what could happen. I’m sure when Smalls heard the garage door opening that night he wished he could have just put that ball back in his step dad’s office. Actually he was just praying his step dad didn’t notice it the ball he had just gotten into his office was a fake and one of his buddies forged the signature. Gotta love childhood.

Anyway, that concludes our short list of funny things that your kids have probably done or thought when they heard your garage door opening. Who’d of thought there’d be perks to having an annoyingly loud garage door? If you have any funny stories, feel free to leave them in the comments, or contact us if you need any garage door assistance. Have a great day!

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