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Maintenance on Cedar Garage Doors


Cedar garage doors have started to become pretty common these days. That is mainly because of their regal natural beauty that they add to the house. In our humble opinion, they actually look way better than all the other conventional metallic doors.

Are Envious looks worth the effort?

But with the pros comes the con as well. The neighbor with metallic garage door who has been drooling over your cedar wood door enviously, can sit back and watch an extra movie while you spend that time for the maintenance of the beauty queen you have put up outside. Yes! They do require plenty of maintenance. But then they do look beautiful and remember benefits do have a price tag. So it is totally worth it!

Why do cedar wood doors need maintenance?

It’s the most frequently asked question that if they are made out of natural wood then weather shouldn’t affect them. After all they were once trees. Yes! They are made out of natural wood and were once trees but then if a tree expands outside in a forest it won’t harm as much as an expansion of a garage door will.

The wood if not treated or maintained properly can retain moisture in it due to weather conditions and then expand more than the original size. Thus outgrowing the size and becoming jammed. So a regular maintenance which includes regular varnishing to prevent the moisture absorption is the part of the deal.

Maintaining your cedar door requires these three easy steps.

1. Cleaning:

As a natural material, wood evokes a unique beauty. Still, the cedar panels that make up your garage door are susceptible to deterioration if they aren’t cleaned properly and on a regular basis. You should clean your cedar garage doors at least once a year, but sometimes it might be necessary to clean the doors more frequently than that.

How to Clean: To clean the garage doors, mix one cup of a mild household detergent in five gallons of warm water and apply the solution to the wood panels. Rinse the soapy solution away with clear water and let the garage door air dry.

2. Inspecting:

Finishing and cleaning will protect the cedar panels on your garage doors. But if the damage runs deeper then it’s important to inspect your garage doors every few days to make sure no cracks or scratches have damaged the cedar panels. Since your garage doors open and close several times a day fractures can appear. This can compromise your finish and leave the garage doors susceptible to water damage and pollutant infiltration.

3. Varnish:

  • Scrub a new cedar garage door with a stiff-bristled nylon brush to remove any dirt, sawdust, loose wood fibers or other surface contaminants.
  • Open and stir a can of oil-based penetrating exterior stain, preferably either semi-transparent or a colored one.
  • Brush on the first layer of stain making long, flowing strokes. Work in the direction of the grain and move quickly to prevent the edges from drying before the next stroke is applied.
  • Use generous amount of stain and wipe up run downs immediately.
  • Apply a second coat of stain on the inside, outside and every edge of the garage door.
  • Cedar must be finished on every side and edge to help preserve the wood. Avoid staining your garage door when it's windy or humid or in harsh sunlight. Stain products apply and cure best in pleasant, mild temperatures.

Keeping a keen eye on your garage door will save you from bigger lose. As it is wisely said that a stitch in time saves nine!

And of course, always remember, if you’re in need of a garage door repair or maintenance check, feel free to visit Grapevine Garage Door Repair or give us a call at (817) 398-0022